With an extensive professional network and an eye for innovation, Obsidian Search identify, attract and deliver the talent your business needs.

At its heart, Obsidian Search is a pure headhunting organisation. The best professional talent can rarely be reached through basic marketing tactics – candidates with exceptional leadership qualities prefer to find opportunities for themselves.

We specialise in attracting impactful leaders, positioning you in their line of sight, and guiding their next career step in your direction.

Identifying and attracting transformational talent

Through a combination of search intelligence and learned experience, we work to discreetly investigate the senior ranks of aligned businesses in your field, before identifying the candidate with the right skills, knowledge and cultural values for your executive role.

Our enterprising honed approach and communication skills allows us to successfully engage senior candidates and recruit for your business.

A flexible, integrity-driven process

We understand that due diligence is key to delivering the best long-term results. That’s why we adhere to thorough screening, referencing and assessment processes to ensure there is no weak link in our network of clients and candidates.

However, our delivery model is always flexible, capable of being tailored to fit the exact business needs of our clients.

We are also committed to improving workforce diversity, particularly at board level where a progressive agenda is vital. Through the breadth and depth of our targeting and shortlisting methods, Obsidian Search serve to further the pursuit of diversity and equality in executive recruitment.

“I have worked with Obsidian Search over the last decade. He always takes a holistic view of any role and understands that cultural fit and aptitude are just as important as skill set and experience – it’s about hiring people and what they can do next, not their previous role.

If you give Alex the time to get under the skin of your business you will find a business partner with whom you can plan the talent acquisition for your group in advance, improving the quality of the hiring and reducing the time from brief to start day.

In addition Alex is both easy to work with and will challenge your thinking. So in the great lottery that is hiring the most important assets to your business, you will find in Alex someone with high integrity, who is genuinely interested in the long term development of your company, and who brings passion, drive and a great deal of talent to finding your next talent.”