Talent advisory

Obsidian Search identify, nurture and provide access to the people that drive business success stories.

Talent is the difference between the ideas that shape industries, and those that fail to rise above the noise of their marketplace. But talent alone is not enough to create impact, overcome market turbulence, or secure long-term business success.

No one can deny the innate talent of a world-class Olympic athlete. But it is the hours devoted to proper training and coaching that enables an Olympian to establish a legacy within their field.

Obsidian Search have honed our Talent Advisory services over years of hands-on experience to ensure businesses like yours can not only tap into the talent they need, but also develop and apply that talent to its fullest potential.

We anticipate, assess and actualise

Drawing from a wealth of insight across a broad palette of industries, we are astute at assessing market conditions and anticipating the changes ahead.

This is how we identify the requisite skills and traits of senior candidates who can effectively steer businesses through future change, before strategically mapping them out in a pragmatic and results-driven success plan, tailored to fit your unique business objectives.

Nurturing unique talent pools

We not only have the shrewd ability to recognise the traits that make impactful executives, but we employ sophisticated strategies to manage and nurture those traits, before generating targeted pipelines to move game-changing talent from under the radar to where the client needs it.

Real relationships built on trust and transparency

Obsidian Search understand the value of open and honest communication, whether we’re speaking to our candidates, clients or partners.

This is what has allowed us to build an unrivalled network of partners, and access industry talent and insight that our competitors lack.

“Planning and mapping out future talent needs is challenging at the best of times. Obsidian Search brings a wealth of experience in identifying and attracting the type of talent we would not normally have seen. Alex’s ability to understand our organisation and use this to engage with a diverse talent pool and build a pipeline of future candidates has delivered huge value to our organisation. Trust and integrity are priceless in this industry.”